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Barr, David W. (2021d)
Resurgence: Post-pandemic Engagement With Art:

Barr, David W. (2021c)
A Spoonful Of Earworms? The Music In My Brain,

Barr, David W. (2021b)
I Like Short Sentences! Doesn’t everyone?

Barr, D. (2021a)
On Becoming a Covid Divo,

Barr, David W. (2017)
10 Big Things I Learned From a Small Dog. Sandstone ePress, Toronto, 88 pp. ISBN: 978-0-9867475-3-3

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ii) Scholarly and Professional – Not Refereed

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Barr, D. (2021a)

On Becoming a Covid Divo,

Barr, D. (2021b)

I Like Short Sentences! Doesn’t everyone?

Barr, D. (2021c)

A Spoonful Of Earworms? The Music In My Brain,